Luxe Hair Spa - Tanning NewcastleA sunless tanning and 100% UV free, completely safe system was designed to not only bronze, but also prepare and hydrate your skin.

VersaSpa provides an all-over Spray Tan spa treatment that also leaves skin bronzed with a natural sun-kissed glow. It uses professional-grade botanicals and anti-aging ingredients that are delivered to the skin during each session.

The reason the VersaSpa machine is so much more effective than traditional tanning machines is its three step tanning process, aswell as 6 different colour options for you to choose from to determine the depth of dreamy bronze
that you desire.

PHASE 1: When you first enter the booth and push the flashing button you will be sprayed with a preperation spray, this is a ph balancing formula used to neutralise your skin to guarantee an even flawless tan (not patchy).

PHASE 2: Next you will be sprayed with a bronzer.This is the one that works by creating a response with the top layers of the skin to produce your beautiful golden colour.

PHASE 3: Finally an anti-ageing moisturiser is sprayed on to rehydrate and nourish the skin while locking in your colour, helping it to last longer and also fade off evenly after 6 or more days.

The Versa Spa Booth also blows a fine stream of air, in between each stage to dry you off.

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